Wednesday, May 13, 2009

God Story #4

The power of prayer to our God is so powerful that people can even be raised from the dead. What? What did I just say? Yes, I said that people can be raised from the dead! A man by the name of Randy, who is a brother to the missionary in the lepers post, had the unfortunate incident where he drowned in a camp swimming pool. He had already been pronounced dead and was prayed for one last time by his Pastor. Here's the story:

His second oldest brother, Randy, had drowned at a church youth camp swimming pool and was pronounced dead by the medical doctor who was there. The doctor had already called to secure a place for Randy at the morgue of the local hospital so his parents could come and identify their son’s body. The pastor of their church was there that day and felt the Lord was directing him to pray for Randy one last time before they took his body away. Pastor Floyd Lawhon stopped the doctor and paramedics from moving the stretcher, and asked everyone to help him pray again.

The power of God gripped more than one hundred people as they all watched Randy’s lifeless body, his face already a dark blue, begin shaking and changing back to a normal color! He threw up quarts of pool water, and then started to cry and ask everyone to tell him what had happened. The doctor beside him could only say, “Son, all I know is that you were dead when I got here to the pool. You had already drowned. But that preacher just prayed for you and now you’re alive!”


The abstract scientist said...

Praise the Lord.

history145 said...

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