Monday, May 11, 2009

Interesting Want Ad, Circa 1796

View of the City and Harbour of New York, 1796, by Charles-Balthazar-Julien Févret de Saint-Mémin.

I came across this advertisement, circa 1796, in one of my old Christian books.

Wanted for a sober family,
a man of Light weight, who
fears the Lord and can drive
a pair of horses. He must
occassionally wait at table,
join in household prayer, look after
horses and read a chapter in the
Bible. He must, God willing, rise at
7 in the morning, and obey his
master and mistress in all lawful
commands; if he can dress hair, sing psalms
and play cribbage, the more agreeable.
N.B. he must not be familiar with the maid
servants, lest the flesh should rebel
against the spirit and he should be induced
to walk in the thorny paths of the wicked.
Wages 15 Guineas a month (about $7 a month)

It's interesting how times have changed since then, sometimes not for the better.

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