Thursday, July 02, 2009

We Could Learn a Lot From....

Albert Pujols

Perhaps you have heard of the man in this picture. His name is Albert Pujols, and he plays first base for the St. Louis Cardinals Major League baseball team. He is a very prolific hitter, having become the fifth youngest player to reach the 300 home run milestone at the ripe old age of 28 years, 170 days. He has achieved a lot already in his brief career. However, the most important thing is not how large (and it is!) his trophy case is; the most important thing is that Mr. Pujols is also a committed Christian believer. Pujols shares how his then-girlfriend, Diedre, helped him to become a believer: "Growing up in the Dominican Republic, I lived to play baseball. My wife Diedre, who was my girlfriend at the time, shared with me how much I needed Jesus. I realized I needed more than just religion. I needed a Savior. I needed Jesus to save me." On November 13, 1998 Albert Pujols became a believer in Jesus Christ. Now, Pujols' life goal is not just to hit 700 home runs, although he just might (God willing, of course). His goal is to glorify Jesus! You can read more about his testimony and the good works that he is doing in the name of Christ at!

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