Friday, September 04, 2009

Ministering to the unemployed

Because of the state of this economy, there are a lot of people who are unemployed. These tips won't necessarily help you find a new job, but they will help you keep a positive attitude along the way to finding a new job.

Affirmation 1: Put yourself in a state of gratitude. Thank God for everything, even if it's just for a beautiful day.

Affirmation 2: If you are a Christian or other religious person, always be reminded that God is with you.

Affirmation 3: Remember that God wants you to find a job and will help you to find it. Pray for your job situation.

Affirmation 4: Be on the lookout for Messengers. These are people or events that come your way to help you in your process of becoming employed once more. Have a clear picture of the next job you want and get it in writing for yourself.

Affirmation 5: Remember to bless and love others. It does say in scripture to love your neighbor as yourself, so put that into practice. It will also help you keep a positive attitude.

Affirmation 6: Use your talents.

Affirmation 7: Have people pray for you. One can never have too much prayer in their lives including you.

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