Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Petals off of a rose

Your life is like petals being taken from a rose. Consider this analogy:

There is a person named Sam, and he is a preacher's kid. He first hears the gospel at the age of six when he and his father are on a camping trip. Although he fully understood, he told he dad he would think about it and maybe do it later. There is one petal off the rose. At 15 years old he is still unsaved, but goes to a Bible camp. He hears a message that stirs his heart and he feels led to get saved, but he thinks, "oh, I'm young, I've got plenty of time to make a commitment." He loses another petal off the rose.
Later on, he goes to college and gets involved in sororities and dorm life. He goes to a lot of parties, sometimes has a little bit too much to drink, and generally has a good "worldly" time, but every now and then the tug on his heart about what he needs to do with Jesus is still there. He loses another petal off of the rose.
Sam graduates college and goes to law school. He is now not a partier, but a hard-working student. He works long hours day and night. He sometimes listens to a television evangelist and the pull on his heart is still there, but between his classes and studying for the Bar Exam he does not have the time to consider the claims of Christ. Another petal falls of his rose.
Sam graduates law school and immediately lands a position at a lucrative law firm. He once again works long hours, but finds a girlfriend and eventually gets married. He settles down, they buy a two story Colonial, and start a family. His wife is a Christian, and every now and then tells him he needs to get right with God. He tells her he is too busy. He loses another petal off his rose.
Years go by, and Sam continues to work hard at the law firm and he eventually makes partner. They sell the old colonial and buy an even bigger house, and things are going well. Then one day his wife is killed in a car accident. Instead of drawing closer to God, he grows bitter. He loses another petal off of his rose.
Years go by, and his son eventually moves away and starts a family of his own. Sam retires and decides to go live by his son and grandchildren. His son is also a Christian and takes his family to church, and Sam agrees to go as well. As he listens to the preacher, he felts that old tug on his heart again, but he still puts it off. After a while, he goes to the doctor, and finds out the terrible news....Cancer! He starts treatment, but his heart grows bitter again toward God. He loses another petal off his rose, and only has one solitary petal left.
After several months, his condition worsens, and he is left in the hospital bed hanging by a thread. The time is drawing short, and his life is almost over. The tug on his heart is still there, and the rose petal is hanging by a thread....he calls his son's pastor and finally gets saved on his deathbed. He is overjoyed and finally has peace for the first time. But he wondered, what would his life have been like if he would have responded to God when he was the child?
"And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?" ---Mark 8:36

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