Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We Could Learn a Lot From....

Tite Sufra and Stephen Ocean

Tite Sufra and Stephen Ocean were two individuals who, on the seemingly ordinary day of February 7, 2010 were gunned down in Boynton Beach, Florida. Unfortunately, this murder wasn't the result of random gun violence or a drug deal gone bad, but was the result of the fact that these two were sharing the Gospel with the individual who ended up shooting them. Jeriah Woody, who was the recipient of the witnessing, shot and killed the two men for doing so. Praise be to God that we have individuals who are willing to share the Gospel and if you who stumble upon this blog happens to be Christian please pray for the individual who killed these two men.


Illya_Kuryaukin said...

I will tell you that I will pray that justice is served, and that this man pays for his henious crime. A year and a half ago a young man was killed in Huntington Beach California at a hotel. He was at a party and simply mentioned to someone that he was a Christian. A young woman overheard him and picked up a butcher knife and killed him. She claims that she did it because she was abused as a kid. How about praying for the victim's family who have to suffer through this?

history145 said...

A very good comment, my friend, and yes, we should pray for the victims' families.