Saturday, April 10, 2010

If You Continue to Serve Yourself....(Quote of the Week)

I have not posted a Quote of the Week to this blog in quite some time so I thought I should. I came across this little gem in a teaching series by Pastor Andy Stanley, who is the son of Pastor Charles Stanley, who was posted about here: However, his son Andy Stanley has an effective ministry in his own right. In one of his teaching series, he made the following quote: If you continue to serve yourself, it won't be long before you are, in fact all by yourself. In other words, if you continue to do things for your own goals, only think of yourself, and only care about people for what you can get out of them, then yes, you will alienate them. This message of Mr. Stanley's is quite contrary to the "me-first" culture that we are all experiencing and are in.

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