Sunday, April 18, 2010

Most people don't...

* Spend a little extra time outside of their schedule to listen to a stranger in the supermarket who is having a hard day.

* Wear themselves out in a kitchen because they believe that good food feeds hearts and warms bellies.

* Help their enemies.

* Serve overseas caring for lepers.

And yes, most people don't.....

* Build an Ark like Noah.

* Go up against a giant like Goliath who is three times your size and trust in God for their protection like David.

* Wash others dirty feet as Jesus did.

Finally, absolutely no one would be willing to.....

* Send their Son to be in harm's way for strangers.

* See that Son later have to endure a painful, humiliating public execution to die for the world's sins.

*****Except for God, that is****** He would be willing to, and He did.

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