Thursday, April 29, 2010

We Could Learn a Lot From....

* Ruins in the city of Tangier in Morocco

Marcellus and Casian (circa A.D. 298)

In A.D. 298 in the city of Tigis (now called Tangier) there was a Roman Centurion by the name of Marcellus, who was a Christian. The Centurion was observing a banquet where there were sacrifices being offered to the Roman gods. Marcellus declared in a loud voice: "I serve Jesus Christ the eternal king." He proceeded to throw down his arms and added that "hence forward I cease to serve your Emporers, and I scorn to worship your gods of wood and stone, which are deaf and dumb idols. If such be the terms of service...then I refuse to serve." Marcellus was sentenced to death at his trial. A court clerk by the name of Cassian was busy recording the testimony of Marcellus when he angrily threw down his pen and notebook. When asked why, he came to the defense of Marcellus and declared that the sentence was unjust. He too was cast into prison, and he too was sentenced to death that same year in the same court where he had worked. He testified of the Christ as well. The two men were executed, but received their just reward in Christ's kingdom as martyrs for His cause.

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